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Restart Radio: from changing plugs to changing the world

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On our show this week, we had a special guest, Alison from The Goodlife Centre, a workshop and learning centre not far from Resonance FM’s London studios in Borough.

Through her thriving business, Alison has helped thousands of Londoners learn about DIY, electricals, plumbing and making/repairing furniture. She tells the story of some “dollhouse DIY” as a child and how her love of materials and production took her in fascinating professional directions.

We also talked about why people no longer have DIY skills – why nobody can change a plug – and what motivates them to go to The Goodlife Centre to learn.

We then discussed two stories: a feature about a Minnesota appliance salesman-turned-indie-repairman and a comparison of open source, grassroots innovation to prevent climate change as opposed to the massive climate talks scheduled for December in Paris.

For background reading, in order of our discussion:

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