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Restart Radio: new mobiles we can open, repair

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Today were back at Resonance 104.4 FM for our weekly live radio show. We actually did talk about some shiny shiny gadgets – two very game-changing projects in the area of modular, repairable design.

But first, Restarter Dave Lukes told us about a printer repair, well a deep clean, and what it is like to repair at a “Give and Take” event.

Then we discussed the new Fairphone 2 (which will go into production soon, yay) and Runcible, example of “heirloom electronics” still in development.

We noted that both of these projects have largely been backed by investment from outside of Silicon Valley, and questioned why even giants like Google were so slow to innovate in similar ways.

For background reading:

In the context of both of these projects, we discussed a post from The Next Web called “The phone wars are over and smartphones are finally just boring slabs”.

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[Feature image courtesy of Fairphone]

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