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Restart Radio: the upgrade cycle and recycling

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Yesterday we recorded our first-ever live radio show at Resonance FM. Our show is about gadgets but it’s definitely different. We’re not going talk about the shiny shiny new things we want you to buy.

We’ll focus on the value of the things we already have and how to value them longer.

We will be broadcast live every Tuesday at 1:30pm here in London on Resonance 104.4 FM and always online. Every fourth broadcast will be our themed podcast, with special interviews, produced by Dave Pickering.

We’ll follow this format: a discussion of the challenges we overcome in maintaining the gadgets we use everyday and helping people to do the same, and then a discussion of the latest technology news, through a uniquely “Restart” lens.

This week, we talked with Restarter Ben Skidmore about some tough mobile and tablet repairs, and to podcaster Dave Pickering about maintenance of his laptop, which he depends on for his livelihood.

Then we discussed three stories:

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