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Restart Radio: where are the women fixers?

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On our show this week, we talked about women in fixing, with women outnumbering men 2-to-1 for the first time at Resonance 104.4 FM studios.

For a special Ada Lovelace Day discussion, we talked to Orsetta, a long time Restarter talked to us about how she got started tinkering and fixing. She was one of only two girls in her secondary school carpentry course, helping to break barriers.

But first, we discussed two techie tidbits: first, the news that Apple finally relented and announced it would help frustrated owners of delaminated Macbook Pro screens. Second, prompted by a call from help from our community, we discussed the pros and cons of wireless charging as a work-around for a common failure in mobiles.

For background reading, in order of our discussion:

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