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Restart Podcast Ep 13: Updates… the good, the bad and the meh

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We all live with them, even sometimes in fear of them. It seems like they pop-up when we least expect them – sometimes when we least want them.

We’re talking about software and system updates. Some people are super update-phobic. Some are hugely indifferent, and some are even hugely excited by updates.

The bottom-line is, updates are a necessary part of our software-powered world. We talk to Fairphone developer Dirk Vogt and PC Pro journalist Darien Graham-Smith about why updates are needed, and what makes a good update.

At least two updates were required to complete this show, including podcast producer Dave Pickering’s much-feared Windows 10 update.

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[Feature image “Windows update” by Flickr user christiaan_008 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0]

2 responses

  1. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

    Security update applies to broke, you should do it. But don’t mix up security patches and OS upgrade.

    I don’t care about your shinny new windows 7/8 computers (less than 3 years old)

    I am concerned about earlier windows 7 released upon 2009-11, with less memory.

    1) Older windows7 updated to Windows10 (2GB memory)

    2) Windows 10 Anniversary Update significantly use computer resource with new feathers (THIS IS NOT SECURITY UPDATE PART!)

    3)Then older computers owners convinces it is a time to replace their computers, “My computer was too old to handle the latest windows!)

    4) Windows 7 released 10.2009, so it is still possible to use 2005-10 printers with Windows 7, I am not so optimistic 99.9% printers works with Windows10.

  2. janetgunter

    Thanks for your comment Toshi. We definitely agree re. security patches vs. os upgrades, that’s why we shared Microsoft’s “factsheet” which indicates security updates will continue for Windows 7 through January 2020.

    Thanks for the warnings re Windows 10 on older machines.

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