We’ve been getting the Restart message out into the world.

We’ve written material for Disegno, The Guardian, Open Democracy, Permaculture UK, Wired UK, among others (get in touch if you want us to write for you). 

What people say about us

“one of the striking things about the Restart Party is what a social space they create”
How We Get to Next

“some consumers are taking matters into their own hands – literally”

“the project’s slogan could one day become a mantra for upgrade-weary consumers around the world”

“the lesson here is: if a gadget is broke, you might be able to fix it”
itv Anglia

“can be good for the wallet and the environment”

“the backlash has begun”
Financial Times

“the project aims to meet a growing need in times of crisis”
El Mundo

“sometimes repairs can be surprisingly ambitious”


Video and radio

CNN International “Going Green” feature