Repair businesses during COVID 19

Update 3rd November: As non-essential businesses in England are to close again, we are urgently collecting information from London repair businesses about their plans. In the meantime, the below businesses remained open during the first lockdown.

It’s a tough time for many small businesses, and repair businesses are no exception to this. They have to close their shops for the public and they have to find ways to adapt to the new circumstances and handle the uncertainty.

Across London boroughs, we list reliable repair businesses in the Repair Directory. We checked in with these 115 businesses to see how they are coping with the situation.

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Status of commercial repair in London

During the first lockdown, seventeen businesses (15%) got back to us to share about their situation. Out of these, only three businesses were still fully open. Another eight businesses reported that they were partially open and six had to close completely.

What “partially open” means in detail varies a lot between the businesses. The range of responses reflects how creative and resourceful repair businesses are in adapting to the circumstances. Here are some of the measures

  • collect and drop off repairs
  • allow customers to bring their device to the repair workshop at a pre-arranged time, allowing everyone to follow social distancing
  • offer remote help with software issues on laptops and computers

Big worries about the future

Repair businesses are an essential part of the zero-waste and zero carbon future we urgently need. Still, repair businesses are worried about the future.

“In the short term I can cope. If this is more than a few weeks it will become a strain.”

They fear that, as customer numbers decrease, they might not be able to stay in business. This is especially true as there are still many open questions around government support.

We followed up with the repair businesses in a longer survey: out of the five respondents, two stated that they are unsure about whether they will access financial support by the government.

They feel they need more information, but are not sure where to find help.

Help independent repairers – they’re faster anyways

Repair is essential to our society, now even more than ever. Many of us rely on our electric and electronic devices to work from home, connect with our loved ones or seek information and entertainment. If they break, we need reliable repairers to help us, so we can stay connected. During the pandemic, getting your device or appliance fixed is faster than having to buy a new one and likely cheaper.

Getting a repair via an authorised service centre is increasingly difficult. Recently, Apple announced the temporary closure of all its shops – and with that, their on-site repair services. They’ve gone online and it’s bound to be slow. This leaves many customers without an option to get their device fixed.

Independent repair businesses are more resilient. They are less dependent on global supply chains than authorised repair centres, as they are good at reuse of components and component-level repairs. Manufacturers and their authorised repair centres simply don’t do this at all.

Where to get essential repairs

Many repair businesses in London still operate, in full or partially. They will do the best to help you and repair your device. Here, we are listing businesses from our Repair Directory as well as other businesses in London that meet our criteria.

Do you run a repair business that serves customers in London? Would you like to be added to the list? Let us know by filling in our survey!

We’ve decided to list what we deem to be essential repairs — devices that keep people connected and help them combat isolation and household appliances that are hard to live without.

We are sorting these businesses by location to help you find a local repairer. But don’t hesitate to contact a repair business anywhere in London – many do call outs or offer remote assistance, so they might be able to help you anyway!


Computers and phones

Verified November 2020?PostcodeBusinessItems repairedNotes
Central London
YesW1TLovefoneSmartphonesDevices can be sent in via post or courier.
YesWC2HSaras FixPhones and tablets
North London
EN1Computer KrayzeeLaptops, phonesShop is open
Offer pick up and delivery for repairs
EN1Dan's Phone CentreSmartphones, tablets, laptopsStore open, customers must stay 2m apart
YesN1CiSmashSmartphones, Apple productsDevices can be sent in via post or dropped at the store. Appointments can be booked online
YesN7Jim FernbankDesktop computers and laptopsRemote support with software issues
Call out service where remote help is insufficient
YesN8Mr DweebDesktop computers, laptops, iPhonesShop is open, max 1 customer at a time
N8Repair RepublicDesktop computers and laptops, smartphonesStore open, but customers are asked to call ahead
N14The Mac Repair CentreApple productsCustomers can drop off device at pre-arranged time
YesNW3Mind the MacApple devicesOpen by appointment only
YesNW3PC Repairs HampsteadDesktop computers and laptops
East London
YesE14The Phone PlugMobiles and tabletsOpen by appointment only
YesE17Compucare CentreDesktop computers and laptops, apple devicesDevices can be brought in upon appointment
E17The Computer ShopDesktop computers and laptops, TVsCustomers can drop off device at pre-arranged time
Priority for those needing their device for work
YesE18Computer Repair LtdDesktop computers and laptopsCustomers can drop off devices at the shop
YesRM9Resq-my-techDesktop computers and laptopsCustomers can drop off devices, mail them or arrange for collection/returns
YesRM11Essex PC FixDesktop computers and laptopsRemote help with software issues and local in-person essential repairs
YesRM12Console ClinicLaptops, tablets, Apple productsOffers collection and delivery service in the local area from 9 November. Also repairs game consoles
South London
YesCR4TFixDesktop computers and laptops, phones, game consolesDevices can be sent in via post or courier
YesSE5AGT UKDesktop computers and laptopsRemote help with software issues
Offer pick up and delivery for repairs
West London
YesUB8Phone SurgeryComputers, laptops, phonesCustomers can drop off devices at booked time or mail the device in

Household and appliances

Verified November 2020?PostcodeBusinessItems repairedNotes
North London
YesHA8MA Wash VacWhite goods
N22Mix RepairsWhite goods
East London
YesIG1KDS AppliancesWhite goods
YesRM6R J ElectricalElectric cookers
YesRM8Vac DoctorsVacuum cleaners, electric heaters, small domestic appliances depending on makeShop is open as it also sell essential items. Best to call before
South London
SE27Goodways ElectronicsVacuums, small kitchen appliances, TVs, Hi-Fi equipmentReduced opening hours
YesSW2London Spin DoctorWashing machines, ovens50% discount on call out fee for NHS staff
Call outs with zero contact to client
SW2London Washing Machine RepairWashing machines


Verified November 2020?PostcodeBusinessItems repairedNotes
YesE13WG TV and VideoTV's, Computers
N4Zens Electronics WorkshopTVsCustomers can drop off device at pre-arranged time
RM2Richer SoundsTVsRemote help on the phone
Offer pick up and delivery for repairs