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Repair Directory expanded – and more in the pipeline

Lambeth business AGT in action at International Repair Day

If you look at the map of businesses listed in our Repair Directory, you’ll notice something exciting: we have added a new borough! After having moved to 3space International House in Brixton, we wanted to get to know local businesses better. That is why we have added repair businesses in Lambeth to our directory.

Now we have added 11 more businesses, that repair a wide range of products. Have a look for yourself

Reliability criteria

We have also asked our community for feedback on the criteria we use to list businesses. The respondents agree that five reviews are not enough to deem the business reliable. While we are aware that online reviews are not fool-proof, we still see them as a good way to understand how satisfied customers were with a business or shop. Therefore we have now doubled the required number of reviews to 10 and will gradually implement this change in the spring.

The other criteria remained the same: Businesses need to offer a warranty on their repairs and have a trading address. If you’d like more background information on the Repair Directory, find it here

We refer people to professionals

We believe that repair businesses are essential to our work. The repair data we collect at our events shows that, while we can do quite some fixes ourselves, about a quarter of the repairs we see require a specialist. In these situations, we often use the Repair Directory to refer our participants to repair businesses nearby. 

Two small repair business owners catching up at International Repair Day
Karl from AGT (listed in the Directory) and Tad from tFix (not yet covered)

Businesses also play a key role in our campaign for the Right to Repair. Planned obsolescence and devices that are impossible to open create barriers to repair. This endangers the business of many people who work in the repair sector. Therefore, we are engaging repair businesses in our campaign to make sure their voices are being heard. Businesses that would like to show their support can endorse the European Right to Repair campaign.

What’s coming next

This year will have more updates to the Repair Directory in store. We’d like to add more boroughs, so if you work in a waste authority or with a council waste team, get in touch about sponsoring its expansion.

Besides listing more boroughs, we will make the update process more participatory. We know that we have a wealth of local knowledge in our community. Therefore we want to offer our community members across London the chance to get involved with the Repair Directory.

We’ll be exploring a business model that can sustain this effort and take it beyond London, to scale.

Watch this space!

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