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First ever global repair/fixit hangout

Join us for the first ever global “hangout” for the grassroots, community fixing and repair movement, April 9.

Community repair groups are flourishing all over the world. The number of fixit groups, Repair Cafés and Restart Parties has grown to the point that nobody has a real count of them! (The Restart Project maintains a map where groups can add themselves, and the Repair Café Foundation has their own international map.)

What is so exciting for those of us involved in this bottom-up “movement” to see that we are all getting started locally but we share some of the same ethos and motivations, all across the world.

If you are part of a community repair group and would like to share stories and experience with other groups, please join.

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We’ll have a 60 minute chat with Peter Mui, of the Fixit Clinic and Janet Gunter of The Restart Project and Martine Postma of the Repair Café Foundation. After a brief introduction and some sharing of “best practice”, we will have an extended Q&A and trade ideas about how we can connect and help each other globally.


Janet, The Restart Project
Martine, Repair Café Foundation
Peter, Fixit Clinic

April 9, 17:00 London time

To join, simply RSVP here via Google+

2 responses

  1. Would love to join in but it will be 3am here…

  2. janetgunter

    Hi Erin, We were very Europe-Americas centric! Sorry. Perhaps we can schedule the next one to include Asia, Australia and Pacific…

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