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Restart Parties spread

People who love the idea of Restart Parties are helping to spread them from our original communities of Brixton and Camden. We’re quite thrilled to see the results of our September “Start your own Restart Party” workshop. Community repair is catching!

This month in London, two new events inspired by our Restart Parties will happen – one in Hackney (Nov. 16) hosted by Sustainable Hackney and Friends of the Earth Hackney and one in Camberwell (Nov. 24) at House Gallery.

Also this month is the first North American Restart Party, at Hackerspace Tampa, where they have added a great reuse and recycling component. The Restart Party has even made local headlines.

In our Facebook group to support Restart Party Hosts, we now have 37 people from 5 different countries sharing tips, getting our advice, and preparing to host events together.

Events are in the works in a number of Italian cities, in Tunisia, and more cities in the UK and North America.

We’ve achieved all of this with minimal grant funding and without paying ourselves. And  we’ve been growing our community work while simultaneously bootstrapping a business based on workplace services, which we hope to live from in future. In the meantime, if you like what we do, please consider making a donation!

4 responses

  1. Dennis

    How can i fix my Toshiba laptop screen flickering

    1. ugomatic

      Hi, Dennis – bring it to a Restart Party!

  2. celia ellis

    are there going to be any ‘fixing parties’ in nottingham please?

    1. janetgunter

      Hi Celia, Please join the Nottingham Fixers! FB Twitter @NottsFixers. Meetup:

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