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Want to host a Restart Party? Please use our new kit

We’re proud to launch our Restart Party Kit! This is a long time in the making, as we have run over 80 parties and have learned loads over the past two years.

At the end of the day, throwing a Restart Party is not rocket science. (We are not very technical people, everything super geek that we know, we picked up along the way, and none of this is essential to running a great event.)

Restart Party hosts are social people – who love to get involved, learn more about their community and make great things possible, one repair at a time.

In our Kit, we offer some small tips and suggestions that might help other Restart Party hosts get started quicker.

We also offer some important suggestions about the “brand” and “identity” that groups use to recruit and publicise their Restart Parties. We cannot emphasise enough: we are not encouraging anybody to start Restart chapters or franchises.

What we would like to see is Restart Parties spread, hosted by existing community organisations. Groups of Restarters can emerge all over the world. So we are offering some graphical elements for Restarters too.

The last important piece of news: we are inviting groups currently running Restart Parties to begin reporting back about their events, by doing so, contributing to a global total of waste prevented.

Thanks to Olswang who sponsored the production of this Kit, to Dimitris Stamatis for design, to Olivia Comberti for her service design inputs, to Heather Agyepong for the photos, and to members of our Restart Party Hosts group for their feedback.

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  1. I am a professor at Simon Fraser University, School of Engineering Science in BC, Canada. I recently heard of your restart parties on the BBC Discovery podcast and think this is a great idea. Along with another Professor here we would like to explore having restart parties at our university. We think this would give great experience to our Engineering students and help promote this reuse idea to the local community in Vancouver, Canada. Would like to contact people about this.

    Glenn Chapman
    Prof. School of Engineering Science,
    Simon Fraser Univ.
    Phone: 778-782-3814, FAX: 778-782-4951
    email: [email protected]

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