Repair options

Find a repair option near you

Repair is good for planet, good for your wallet and good fun! Wherever you’re based, there are many ways to give your broken belongings a new lease of life.

From local events where you can get help with fixes, to computer reuse projects and independent repair shops, find some options below.

Repair Events

Participate in a free community repair event, where volunteer fixers will help you learn how to repair your broken or slow devices – and tackle the growing mountain of e-waste.

Four people sitting in front of a graffiti wall reading 'Fixing Factory'

UK repair groups

We’re a founding member of the UK Community Repair Network, and we’ve been mapping all groups organising repair events across the country. Find the one closest to you

Four people sitting in front of a graffiti wall reading 'Fixing Factory'

Fixing Factories

Our London Fixing Factories are helping fix our relationship with disposable tech.

From tablets to toasters, a talented and creative group of fixers can help you repair your stuff and teach you new skills. 

Let’s fix it together

Whatever your skill level, repairing is more fun with others.
We’re here to help!

Repair it yourself

If you’re ready to have a go at fixing a device yourself, there are lots of guidelines for fixing things yourself out there. Here are a few that we could recommend:

If you don’t feel confident fixing your item yourself, or want to get it tested before you tinker, you may want to visit a Restart Party or Repair Cafe first.

Donate your disused computer

Got an old laptop or phone sitting in a drawer? Digital access projects across the UK accept donated devices to fix up and give to people in need.

What to do when you can’t repair

Unrepaired device

Despite our best efforts, some devices remain ‘unrepaired’, but there are still options! Check our advice for what to do next to avoid throwing them away.

Unwanted devices

Using the things we have for longer is good for the planet. But if you need to part ways with a working device, our advice can help you find it a new home.