Replace Base jumps on board as a Restart Project sponsor

We’re pleased to be working with Replace Base, a key part of the repair economy.

Like us, Replace Base are helping to extend the life of devices, and they do it by providing spare parts, both refurbished and new.

Their founder, Steve, started out fixing things for his friends and family and went from having a spare room full of parts to founding Replace Base. He’s a fixer through and through, and committed to sustainability.

“When I heard that The Restart Project was looking for another sponsor, I jumped at the chance to put Replace Base forward. I have tremendous admiration and respect for the work they do and their values to protect the environment and support future generations, resonates with my ethics and the ethics of Replace Base.

We’ve saved tens of millions of devices from ending up in landfill by ensuring they last longer with the parts we supply and there lies the incredible synergy we share with The Restart Project. We hope to see them grow and empower future generations to repair, repair and repair again."
Steve Garner, Founder and Director, Replace Base Ltd

Who are Replace Base?

ReplaceBase is a one-stop location for everyone who, like us, is enthusiastic about repair. They’re the market leader in spare parts and accessories for devices from phones to drones, tablets and laptops to scooters, smart watches to games consoles and more.

They extend the life of parts as well as electronics: Wherever possible, Replace Base keep parts in use for longer, selling refurbished parts that otherwise would have ended up in landfill. In most cases these parts come with a lifetime warranty. And when it’s not viable to reclaim the parts, they source parts from suppliers who share their values and ethics. Replace Base started with humble beginnings in 2009, but have since expanded so that repairers across the country and abroad can purchase the parts they need easily.

Visit Replace Base today and check out how they can fuel your passion for repair.

Visit the Replace Base website