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A hands-on enrichment programme that teaches early secondary school students transferable skills through repairing electronics, with benefits for people and planet.

What is Restart at School

It is a 10 week enrichment programme run by educators with support and materials provided by the Restart Project. With the help of educators, student interest in repair can evolve into something much more sustained and part of school life, as it did at one school.

Why bring repair to school?

While the programme does help students gain hard skills - such as disassembly, reassembly, and manual dexterity - it also focuses in on transferable skills such fault-finding, teamwork and creative problem-solving.

-Take a look at how we started our 10-session Enrichment Programme
- Our “Why Restart” videos

The social and environmental underpinnings of this programme broaden its appeal to students who might identify as non-technical, and bring new opportunities to technical students to reflect on the broader impacts of their studies and future careers.

- Podcast on Fieldston School’s “Restart Centre”

This programme is designed to culminate in a “Restart Party,” an open, community event where students and community volunteers share their skills, helping people fix their own broken gadgets. If sustained after the enrichment programme, this community service aspect can help students gain experience that can help them with university admissions or even in future job applications.

-How to Run a Restart Party at School

"We’d like more opportunities to learn repair and more community Restart Parties"

students at Archer Academy in London

"The combination of skills for students, engaging and benefiting the community and encouraging sustainability is a fantastic way to for us to realise a range of outcomes"

Toby Blume, Governor of Archer Academy

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