The Restart Project

Our plans for 2018

We had a huge year last year, thanks to a larger team and steady funding support and our core of dedicated volunteers in London. In 2018, we look to build on last year’s work and add a couple of small new exciting projects.

Why we care about recycling

We have a keen interest in electronics recycling for the simple reason that the harder it is to recycle something, the harder it is to fix it first. Fixers have similar needs to recyclers – ease of disassembly and documentation for disassembly.

Why repairing mobiles is not easy enough

We appear on The One Show tonight, talking about mobiles and why we – and professionals – struggle to repair so many of them in a cost-effective way. Using mobiles for longer is crucial to reducing their environmental impacts.

Ugo posing for CNN cameras

CNN feature on Restart and Fixfest

We were really chuffed when CNN wanted to come along to Fixfest in October – and this feature was just released on CNN International

Restarted Future: a tour of our new poster

We know what world (or off-world) we do not want to see — WALL-E painted that sad picture. But we felt we needed to envision the world we would like to see.