Celebrating our half-birthday – December parties!

Wow, time flies, we look at the calendar and we will have had over a dozen Restart Parties in our six short months of life. We’ve learned tons and met so many great people.

And we’ve had so many “hallelujah” moments – like this one, in our very first Restart Party:

hallelujah merry xmas

We have three events this month, so please get involved.

Let’s get in the repair spirit on the eve of our society’s mid-winter consumer binge!

Starting with December Saturday 8th, at the Library Lab in Willesden Green, who kindly invited us back up north.

On December 15,¬†we’d love to see all of our Belsize and north Camden (and Brent!) supporters join us for a repair Restart party to celebrate our half birthday and the holidays. We’ll be doing the usual fixing of your e-stuff, and we’d also love you to help narrative our beginnings – and learn more about how to get involved in 2013.

If you are a Brixton supporter, we’d like to say hello again, an invite you to a very special event on December 16: our joint Christmas Feast with the Brixton People’s Kitchen, a sister project promoting the rescue of food from the bin. It is a great match: help COOK, FIX your e-stuff and EAT together. We love it.


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