Restart in your community

restart your electronics bannerTired of feeling forced constantly to buy new electronics and electrical appliances?

Believe us, you can use what you own for longer, and we can help!



Come to one of our monthly Restart Parties – fun and free community events, where experienced volunteers help you learn to repair broken or slow devices.  Chances are there is a Restarter group near you.

Host your own Restart Party

No group in your area?  You can also start your own Restarter group – it’s easier than you think, and we have a Restart Party Kit and a Facebook group to help you.  Chances are there are interested people in your area already – check out our map of where people have expressed an interest in Restart you can even see where people have expressed an interest in past.

Volunteer to repair

Become a Restarter, share your skills. If you are in London, you get involved right away. If elsewhere, we can connect you with community repair groups and other Restarters.

We are a charity and still need financial support from the public for our community work. You can also support us by reselling unwanted electronics and donating the proceeds to us.