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We work with companies to offer events for employees, encouraging them to have a go at repair and to learn more about how repair is a sustainable option.

Our corporate events offer

The Restart Project responds to the throwaway, consumerist model of electronics that we’ve been sold, and the growing mountain of e-waste that it leaves behind. We give people a hands-on way of making a difference, and a place to talk about the wider issue of what kind of products we want.

We believe companies can play a major role in promoting change. But we only work with companies under the following circumstances:

• Event(s) must be part of a wider initiative within client’s organisation to promote repair / sustainability / environmental education
• In most cases, event(s) must be online or in London

Restarter working with an employee

Talk: Right to Repair

A talk from a member of the Restart team about why repair is important, why we need a legal Right to Repair, what we can all do to make it happen and why it matters for your company too. Can be online or offline.

Cost: £500 if alongside a workshop / £750 if standalone

Presenter at MozFest

Workshop: Restart Party

Run a Restart Party where staff bring their own broken electrical items and sit with one of our Repairers to try and fix it together. We set up a Restart Party in a space at your offices. Staff can pre-book 45min slots to come along with their broken electrical item and sit with a repairer. An important part of the experience is that they work together with one of our Restarters to learn more about their devices, take them apart and repair them collaboratively. In case of larger groups, the client can opt to have multiple people work on a device: the owner of the product, assisted and/or witnessed by colleagues joining the repair session. These sessions generally last 2-4hrs with 3-4 fixers and a host.

Cost: ~£4000 (depending on scale)

Workshop/demo: What’s in your mobile?

Demo: Live disassembly of a smartphone by a Restarter, who talks about the process of taking the device apart and barriers, as well as the internal components and the materials inside. We use our Materials Matter resources. We recommend having this streamed to a large screen for the audience to see.

Workshop: As above, but with phones for participants to disassemble themselves, guided by 3 Restarters. For small groups.

Demo cost: £750-1000 for 30-45mins. Workshop cost: £2000

Photo of Junaid disassembling a phone

Workshop: Hybrid Restart Party + ‘What’s in your mobile’

A Restart Party with a waiting area where participants can disassemble a smartphone to learn about the components and materials inside, guided by a Restarter.

Cost: ~£5000 (depends on size of event)

Restarter inspecting an open laptop


What about safety and Covid safety?

Please write us for a thorough document walking you through these, which we take with the utmost seriousness.

Are there other ways to get involved?

If you would like to support The Restart Project, but do not want to host an event, you could consider making a donation or sponsorship.

What type of appliances do you fix?

Our Restarters will happily have a go at fixing any small electrical items. These include laptops, phones, lamps, toasters, headphones. Please bring along any charging cables.

What sort of space do you need?

We need enough space for three or four tables for our fixers to sit at with participants and good lighting, and access to electricity and wifi.

How long in advance do we need to book?

We require at least one month’s (or 6 week)’s notice, but prefer longer. All these events are dependent on our Restarters availability.

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