Restart in your company

restart-your-workplace-newEmail us or call Ugo at 0785 2570279 to find out more.

Our office events will boost your employee engagement. They will learn more about their electronics while getting help fixing them – and they will enjoy the fun, eco-friendly experience!

By reducing employee electronic waste (WEEE), you will promote more sustainable lifestyles and workplace facilities. After the session we will provide you with a report showing how much waste has been prevented and the green impact you have had.

Finally, you will also help us scale our social and environmental impact in local communities in London and the rest of the world.

Pop-up clinics at your company

We set up a pop-up clinic in a public space in your company – like a Dr. Bike but with an emphasis on learning. Staff can drop by with their own malfunctioning equipment and hardware – from toasters to smartphones and computers. They sit with a repair coach to learn more about their device and repair it. We also pop-up during corporate events.


  • Half-day events – up to 30 repair slots (30 min per session)
  • 2-hour events – up to 15 repair slots (30 min per session)

Pop-up clinics at Somerset House

We can also host groups at our studio in Somerset House’s Makerversity, a unique makerspace in the heart of London. This is a perfect team-building event!

Inspirational talks

We give inspirational talks about sustainability and the circular economy. We have been invited as speakers at major events, including TEDx Brixton, the London Design Festival, industry conferences and corporate events.

Email us or call Ugo at 0785 2570279 to find out more.