Recruiting volunteers and publicising your event

Be a Restarter!

Synonyms: repairer, fixer

n. A person who likes helping people learn how to fix broken electronics or electricals – anything with a battery or that plugs in – with a few exceptions, like microwaves.

Restarters have diverse skills. Some help with basic electrical fixing involving changing fuses and plugs. Others deal with software issues on laptops and mobiles. Yet others take on intricate electronics repairs involving soldering.

And still others will help to facilitate these repairs, welcoming people, finding chairs, facilitating conversation, and helping the event to run smoothly.

What unites Restarters is the love of a repair challenge and their collaborative approach, they love to share skills.

Meet some of our Restarters and Restart Party Hosts

Finding your first volunteers and publicising

People often get anxious about the number of Restarters needed to host an event. With three or four volunteers, we encourage groups to go ahead and schedule an event.

You can run your first event even if your initial volunteers can only cover limited skills. More Restarters will appear. If you host it, they will come! Put in the extra effort to make your volunteers happy and you will have no problem recruiting more.

Where to promote your event

Email. People who are active in their communities still very much use email lists to connect. Try to get your event announced on as many relevant email lists as possible: local or green or tech lists.

Simple black and white posters are surprisingly effective. Be sure to ask to display these in shops, libraries, and other public spaces in your local community.

Social media is a cheap and easy option. Many groups advertise their events on event platforms such as Meetup, Facebook, or other platforms. To start out, email lists and posters are the way to go and get lots of engagement from local communities.

Mainstream or local media could be helpful, you might consider sending around a press release.

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