Safety & Managing Risk

Every public event carries with it some risk. Please do not host a Restart Party without your own public liability insurance.

If you have no insurance, we encourage you join forces with an existing community group, verifying that you can be covered by their insurance. We can reduce risk by thinking about safety well in advance.

It is good practice to designate one Restarter as your Safety Volunteer, somebody with more experience particularly with electricals. This volunteer plays a role before and during Restart Parties.

We put disclaimers on all of our online announcements and all of the tables at an event. When a new volunteer comes, ask them to sit near your designated Safety Volunteer.

We generated some safety guidelines which we ask our Restarters to sign up to. You can use this as a starting point to generate your own.

Volunteers and hosts should be mindful and aware during an event. Volunteers should never do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.

We safety test equipment before it leaves a Restart Party. We encourage groups to look into acquiring safety testing equipment when they have the resources. Standards are different in each country.

We have more in-depth information on liability and risk. If this is a concern to you, please contact us directly.

Disclaimer & safety guidelines

We’re happy to help you learn how to repair.

We are not repair professionals, and Restart Parties are a community self-repair space.

Attending means that you take responsibility for your own gadget. Please back up your data. Please donate to support our work!

Our disclaimer (above) is available for download (.zip,  53kb) as well as our Safety Guidelines for new volunteers, which start with the following

We’re thrilled to have you share your skills at our events.

We ask you to remember that Restart Parties are learning events, so please work with the owners of broken devices helping them understand what you are doing and follow the repair process. Involve them in the repair. Always consider safety.

There is an experienced, designated safety volunteer at every event on hand to answer any questions about safety.

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