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We brought the repair movement to Parliament

Yesterday, we took repair into Parliament. After months of red tape, we walked through the gates of parliament with a bag full of tools and some big ideas about how politicians can make repair and reuse easier and more affordable for everyone in the UK.

We were delighted to be able to do actual fixing with and for MPs and their staffers, and those at the event got to experience the joy of a repaired hairdryer whirring into life.

But in reality the fixing was just a part of the experience. What made it such a brilliant event was the buzz of bringing more than 30 MPs together with a microcosm of the movement behind the Repair and Reuse Declaration. We partnered with the brilliant Back Market to create the event, and they, alongside SUEZ recovery and recycling UK and Replace Base brought the business perspective of repair. We had support from our campaigning allies Green Alliance and The Design Council and (the stars of the show) repair cafe representatives from across the nation.

It was striking how many MPs (half of those that attended) came to meet their local repair cafe – or came because one of their constituents asked them to come along. It was inspiring how many of the MPs are genuinely supportive of repair and reuse – the sponsoring MP Helen Hayes nailed it when she said that this is an issue that is so obvious it gets forgotten. And it was brilliant to see more than 11 MPs and peers endorse the Repair and Reuse Declaration then and there.

The event was inspiring, impactful, and it felt like a real life snapshot of the growing movement behind right to repair in the UK.

If you’d like to encourage your MP to support the declaration, now would be a great time: with over 30 politicians signed up, more MPs will be wiling to add their name. E-mail your MP here

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