Rosie the Restarter

We want to bring gender diversity to our community repair events and empower women and non-binary people to open the lid and get stuck in repairing.

We believe everyone should have the right to repair. We believe everyone should have the capacity to take full ownership of their devices.

We organise skillshares run for/by women and non-binary people. They create a space to share, boost confidence and get technical together.

Upcoming parties

We host semi-regular skillshares in our London 3Space. These workshops are led by volunteers and designed to strengthen our community outreach work.


Here are some of the people who you'll meet at Rosie events

Sophia on ITV news

Restart Party Host Profile: Meet Sophia

Sophia is an engineer cleaning up data centres for work, and in spare time, a Restart Party host, picker of fruit, reader, singer, and patriarchy smasher.

Restart Party Host Profile: Meet Rosemary

Rosemary hosts Restart Parties in West London. As an environmentalist and Friends of the Earth coordinator, repair is close to her heart. She still uses a Nokia 3410, now on its second replacement battery.

Restarter Profile: Meet Alison

Alison is a life-long DIYer who has a real can-do spirit about maintenance and fixing, and a budding interest in brewing. She laments the fact that some women feel discouraged to repair, and loves being involved in our Rosie the Restarter skillshares.

Monique teaching women how to build their own PC

Restarter profile: Meet Monique

Monique is a software developer who loves simple fixes and a decent pair of shoes. She fondly remembers her math teacher who abandoned the curriculum to teach her Fortran.

Restarter Profile: Meet Stefania

An Italian sound engineer, she shocked her future course convenors by acing the entrance exam, as a woman. Stefania loves repairing at community events because it helps her feel connected to others.

Halima (left) takes part in a women's skill share

Restarter Profile: Meet Halima

A tinkerer from a young age, Halima hosts workshops for women who want to learn to code. Find out more about how she got involved with the Restart Project.

Restarter Profile: Meet Orsetta

Meet Orsetta, a tinkerer, upcycler and Restarter who studied set design and interior design. She never wants to be separated from her all-purpose-tool and sewing kit. Read the full interview for more