We’re looking for trustees

Trustees will help consolidate and grow our work, becoming a sustainable organisation that turns grassroots energy and momentum into system-level change . We are looking for up to three people to join the Board of Trustees, one with financial management experience. Candidates under the age of 25 are encouraged to apply.

Funding drive to power Restart in 2016

This year, we’ve gone from strength to strength. The only catch is, we fell behind in our online fundraising. Your donations help keep our community events free for all, and help multiply our reach.

Greetings television viewers

You are probably reading this because you spotted us on the telly. And you probably have a couple of questions: Who are you? The Restart Project is a charity, a group of technically-minded amateur repairers who share their skills, helping others learn how to use electronics longer. While our community events are free, the idea […]

We’re official!

As of Monday we are an official legal entity! For the past nine months, we were an informal project running on fire-in-the-belly, one small grant, good will and lots of help from our friends. While we have trouble categorising ourselves – we called ourselves “Project” for a reason, we have a social project which we […]