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Sorry, we haven’t reached ‘peak stuff’

This narrative frame of “peak stuff” is particularly dangerous because it suggests we are overcoming global, future resource depletion like we *are doing* with ozone, or we think we already did with acid rain. It lulls us into a very false sense of complacency.


Restart Radio: Unpacking Marie Kondo, reflecting on decluttering

We talked about Japanese “decluttering” guru Marie Kondo’s best-selling book. While Kondo’s approach could provoke people to value and love the things the own more, it also could simply work in service of a throw-away economy.


Restart Radio: tracing minerals, and “peak stuff”

We discussed our incipient collaboration with Amnesty, Global Witness and Wikirate, which are working to rate companies on their sourcing of minerals. Then about the IKEA executive who caught headlines when he said that in the West, we may have reached “peak stuff” in households.

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Material gifts, durability and our common future

This clickbait headline caught our attention: “Suck it, Hippies: Study Shows Material Gifts Can Bring Happiness”. But we need greater insight than a six-week psychology study.