A person with a dismantled laptop

The environmental impact of our devices: revealing what many companies hide

Our devices come with a hidden environmental impact. We reveal what we learned about different products and how, by repairing our gadgets when they break, we can reduce their overall impact.

Poll: Britons want to repair electronics but there are major barriers

A poll by YouGov shows that more Britons would like to repair their smartphones instead of replacing them. For laptops, a stronger majority prefer repair. But there are major barriers.

Screengrab of Restarters Norway website, where they display their data

Repair data: why community groups collect and share

Many groups in our network are using our software to log community repair data after events. We asked some of them to tell us more about their experience with data. What motivated them to start recording data at repair events? What have they used repair data for?

1,000 events logged in our network

We’re celebrating having reached 1,000 events logged in our repairs database, affectionately known as the Fixometer. We started alone in London in 2014 on this project, and we have 110 groups in 12 countries who have logged events and contributed repair data to our network.

repair directory update

Help us improve our Repair Directory

Our Repair Directory lists 100 businesses from 11 boroughs in North and East London. We share insights from our work so far, and ask your input to help develop it further