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Restart Podcast Ep 10: Getting “closure”, saying goodbye to gadgets

We talk with Restart Party goers and with designer Joe Macleod about the end, or what he calls “closure experiences”. Why does moving on from a mobile sometimes feel like a break up? And then what about stuff we toss with no regrets?


Restart Podcast Ep 9: “Emotionally durable design”

We talk to Professor Jonathan Chapman (University of Brighton), a designer who has helped many other designers change the way they conceive of quality and good design. His notion “emotionally durable design” goes beyond actual physical durability.


Restart Podcast Ep 8: Tools, new and old

In this episode, we talk tools – how do we actually get into electrical appliances or miniaturised electronic gadgets, many of which are designed to keep us out? We interview Kyle Wiens, founder of iFixit.

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Material gifts, durability and our common future

This clickbait headline caught our attention: “Suck it, Hippies: Study Shows Material Gifts Can Bring Happiness”. But we need greater insight than a six-week psychology study.