Our extended summer reading list

Because some of us are definitely escaping this summer through books, we thought we’d publish an extended summer reading list. This is a follow-up to the initial list shared in our July radio show. We hope you enjoy it!

Meet the materials we need to save the planet, but are throwing away

We’ve just released a set of new educational resources that help us open our electronics and open our eyes to the raw materials inside that we are simply throwing away. Even when we recycle electronics, most of these “critical raw materials” are not getting recouped.

A unique opportunity for the UK to support repairable products

This month and in January, the EU member states may throw out over two years’ work on creating better product standards for appliances and electronics. We need to pressure the UK to support our right to repair.

Compelling evidence that people want repairable products

Recent research at the UK and European level has shown that people want longer lasting and more repairable products. These findings can push climate policy changes towards a more sustainable, resource efficient economy.

Fixfest’s visual rallying cry

Our friend, Buenos Aires repair activist, designer Marina Pla to help us come up with a visual identity to match our excitement about Fixfest. This is an open and reusable identity, reflecting the challenges of repair.