Photo of a community TV repair, not covered by UK Right to Repair

Do we have a Right to Repair in the UK? Not yet

For the first time, design for repairability, long-term availability of spare parts and repair information will be written into UK law, creating a precedent. But we don’t think there’s that much to celebrate yet – here is why.

Man repairing an electronic tablet

Great Right to Repair news from Brussels – we must benefit in the UK

We’re celebrating a Right to Repair milestone from Brussels this week, with the Circular Economy Action Plan. We ask whether the UK government is serious about wanting to “do better” than Europe.

A community dive into our data on computer repairs

For Open Data Day, March 2, we celebrated our first ever open dive into our repair database, AKA the Fixometer. We were focused on gleaning insights from our data on over 2,200 repairs of desktops, laptops and tablets to push for longer-lasting, repairable devices.

Massive precedent set for repairable products

After months of campaigning for the Right to repair, we welcome the historic precedent set out by new ecodesign regulations, despite some disappointments the repair movement will have to focus on in future.

Fixing in communities, fixing the system

We appeared today on BBC Breakfast and various BBC radio shows, talking about the importance of repair and changes we need to be able to repair the stuff we own and keep it longer.