Starting restart in schools

This month, we will begin a ten-session enrichment programme with students at the Archer Academy, a school in North London. We will start with a dive into why we need to change our relationship with electronic and get hands-on.

A map of the UK, with dots indicating locations of university partners and text Student Repair Revolution

Starting a Student Repair Revolution

Learn about our progress in supporting the establishment of repair initiatives in universities across the UK, a project in partnership with the Community Repair Network.

School children learning to disassemble a smartphone

Teaching repair: educational resources for young people

It’s often said that repair skills are more common among older generations. Unless these skills are passed down, so the argument goes, we’re in danger of losing them entirely. Whether true or not, teaching the next generation about repair has never been more important. As the climate crisis deepens, repair can play a vital role […]

Revealing materials inside electronics – with repair groups, museums and young people

We created educational resources on the raw materials in electronics for use at community repair events. This leaflet and set of cards that match with commonly found components in electronics has proven really popular in the UK. We will continue to make them the centrepiece of our outreach.

Guest post: How cleaning the dusty guts of my laptop changed my life

Designer Forrest Radford, who attended a Restart Party while a student five years ago, is now launching a repair-related Kickstarter campaign. He remembers “In less than an hour David had shown me the dusty guts of my Mac, we cleaned it out and put it back together; it booted like new.”