Restart Party Host profile: Meet Marie

Marie is a Restart Party Host in Leicester who started throwing parties a year ago. She is a PhD researcher at Loughborough University and green activist who knew next to nothing about technology before getting started, and made the link with Leicester Hackspace.


Restart Radio: Repair as a sensory experience

We go on a sensory journey with Restarter Ben Skidmore, explaining how senses of hearing, smell, touch, sight, and even taste are used in troubleshooting and repairing electronics and electricals.


Restart Podcast Ep 8: Tools, new and old

In this episode, we talk tools – how do we actually get into electrical appliances or miniaturised electronic gadgets, many of which are designed to keep us out? We interview Kyle Wiens, founder of iFixit.

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Restart Podcast Ep 6: where do our gadgets go when they die?

In this episode, we explore what happens to all of our e-stuff when we throw it away, on a roadtrip to Kent, to the largest recycling plant of its kind in southern England.