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Fundraise while restarting during the holidays!

Do you end up doing loads of fixing for loved ones during the holidays? Turn these moments into something great for everybody, by asking friends and family for a donation. Your ask and their donation reinforces that repair and maintenance have real value for society.


Restart Radio: The “Red Ring of Death” and new repair businesses

We discussed the elaborate repair of an iconic fault in a popular game console, and the online businesses the fault created. Plus other post-brick-and-mortar repair businesses, like a pop-up business in New York.


Restart Radio: selling and buying secondhand electronics

Sometimes the best option, to keep a gadget in use for longer, is to find it a new owner. Or instead of buying new, to buy somebody else’s gadget. Yet you won’t hear much about this in our upgrade culture.

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Restart Podcast Ep 10: Getting “closure”, saying goodbye to gadgets

We talk with Restart Party goers and with designer Joe Macleod about the end, or what he calls “closure experiences”. Why does moving on from a mobile sometimes feel like a break up? And then what about stuff we toss with no regrets?