Our extended summer reading list

Because some of us are definitely escaping this summer through books, we thought we’d publish an extended summer reading list. This is a follow-up to the initial list shared in our July radio show. We hope you enjoy it!

KDS Appliances

Taking care of resources in fair, net-zero economy

With the latest policy discussion on the “net zero” UK targets, we feel the need to contribute to the conversation about a whole economy shift to a green economy, including the repair economy.

10,000 devices recorded on our database

We are celebrating, as we’ve reached over 10,000 devices recorded through our database, affectionately known as the Fixometer. We are collecting this data together with our network, which consists of 60 groups in 12 countries.

Internet health – curing toxic and throw-away economies

“Internet health” has multiple, connected meanings. And the crisis in trust goes far beyond privacy concerns, it reaches deep into other connected institutions: electronic supply chains, threats to the “right to repair” and recycling systems.

Calling student leaders (and their teachers)!

We’re recruiting a couple of student leaders of secondary school age to help lay the foundations for a global student campaign against our throw-away relationship with electronics.