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Fixing our massive electronic waste problem

We created a film in time for Earth Day. In this short film, we confront the electronic waste mountain. Globally, we produced 42 million tons of this waste last year. It seems abstract as a number but video makes it real.


Restart Radio: Opto Noise, making music with lasers and e-waste

We interview Faraz, long time Restarter, maker and now music maker with a group called Opto Noise. Through the London Hackspace, Faraz connected with a handful of people who wanted to make music with lasers, spinning discs and photovoltaic cells


Restart Radio: Europe, your toaster and your mobile

Our work has been affected by Europe from day one, so we’re concerned about potential effects of a Brexit. We discuss how Europe impacts our electronics and electricals, from design to end-of-life.


Restart Radio: Documentary photography of abandoned e-stuff

We interviewed photographer Greg Jones about his charming photography project called “Still Works” to document abandoned electronics and electricals.