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Fixfest UK 2023: Let’s strengthen the UK repair movement

Fixfest UK 2023 is the biggest gathering of community repair in the UK. Let’s connect, share, celebrate and strengthen our fantastic movement in Cardiff on Saturday 30 September 2023.

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Meeting the repair movement this Autumn

Our not-so-new Co-Director, Fiona Dear, reflects on an Autumn of bringing the repair movement together.  This Autumn was busy. By September I’d spent 9 months getting my head round the world of electronic repair – and all the issues that link with it. Tech and software. Reuse and digital access. Community repair and data. E-waste, […]

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Join us in Brussels (or online) for Fixfest 2022

It’s almost time for Fixfest 2022! This year, we will be convening in Brussels for the first time in too long as a global community. We’re so happy that many of you are able to join us from all over the world, representing the diverse range of repair work that is happening all the time.  […]

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Introducing the Sharepair project

The Restart Project is a partner of “Sharepair”, a project funded by Interreg NW Europe to build a digital infrastructure for citizens in the repair economy

Repairing for the Earth, repairing everywhere

The environmental cost of our electronics consumption is a global problem, requiring a global response. For Earth Day, we shout about the global issue of climate change and electronic waste while we recognise the power of repair to respond to these challenges.