Fixed Apple MacBook screen

Restart @school session 8: Creative problem solving and good design

We introduced creative problem solving, showing examples of physical and software-based work-arounds, like using assistive touch when a home button breaks. Then we brainstormed “bad” design from our experience fixing, and went through principles behind good design.

Restart Radio: Connected device horrors

Appliances hijacked for cyber attacks, 11-hour cups of tea, hacked Barbie dolls, and angry family members – some dangers of connected, smart homes. Caution is required with “the internet of things”

Restart Radio: guitars, cloud kill switches and bots

Restarter Ben talked to us about how musicians often learn to repair, hack and modify guitars and instruments. Then we end the show with a special cloud kill switch and bot bonus!

Restart Radio: Opto Noise, making music with lasers and e-waste

We interview Faraz, long time Restarter, maker and now music maker with a group called Opto Noise. Through the London Hackspace, Faraz connected with a handful of people who wanted to make music with lasers, spinning discs and photovoltaic cells

Material gifts, durability and our common future

This clickbait headline caught our attention: “Suck it, Hippies: Study Shows Material Gifts Can Bring Happiness”. But we need greater insight than a six-week psychology study.