repair fairphone

Restart Radio Takeover: “Repair on the edge”

In this month’s radio takeover, Restart volunteers Ben Skidmore and Dave Lukes talk about “repair on the edge”: how to deal with unsual fixes when one lacks the necessary skills or tools.

sugru, materials to fix, cable

Restart Radio: Materials we use to hack and fix

In this week’s episode, Isabel Lopez and Dave Lukes talk about the stuff we use to hack and fix, from the usual tapes and glues to more sophisticated techniques and materials.

Fixed Apple MacBook screen

Restart @school session 8: Creative problem solving and good design

We introduced creative problem solving, showing examples of physical and software-based work-arounds, like using assistive touch when a home button breaks. Then we brainstormed “bad” design from our experience fixing, and went through principles behind good design.

Restart Radio: Connected device horrors

Appliances hijacked for cyber attacks, 11-hour cups of tea, hacked Barbie dolls, and angry family members – some dangers of connected, smart homes. Caution is required with “the internet of things”

Restart Radio: guitars, cloud kill switches and bots

Restarter Ben talked to us about how musicians often learn to repair, hack and modify guitars and instruments. Then we end the show with a special cloud kill switch and bot bonus!