A person with a dismantled laptop

The environmental impact of our devices: revealing what many companies hide

Our devices come with a hidden environmental impact. We reveal what we learned about different products and how, by repairing our gadgets when they break, we can reduce their overall impact.

Fixed Apple MacBook screen

Restart @school session 8: Creative problem solving and good design

We introduced creative problem solving, showing examples of physical and software-based work-arounds, like using assistive touch when a home button breaks. Then we brainstormed “bad” design from our experience fixing, and went through principles behind good design.

Fixometer project report: the environmental impact of e-stuff

In two years, we’ve seen +800 broken gadgets at our community events. Together with a team of volunteers and a coach, we have spent over 60 person-hours scouring the internet for data on their carbon footprints.

Energy, emissions and our gadgets

Apple is in PR blitz mode, promoting green initiatives. Yet there is nothing to suggest that Apple is addressing reduction of carbon emissions at manufacture, which according to their own data is the overwhelming majority.