sea turtle

Restart Radio: Wildlife conservation and the role of open, repairable technology

Ugo interviews Alasdair Davies, a conservation technologist who works on bringing affordable, customisable and repairable open hardware technology to people working on conservation projects.

Data sensor for insulin delivery

Restart Radio: Medical technology in/on the body

Medicine has been revolutionized by technology that goes on – and in – our body. In these cases, questions of durability and reliability can become matters of life and death.

Amazon Echo Dot

Restart Radio: Voice-controlled Assistants and “Smart Speakers”

Voice-controlled home assistants are being sold in the millions: but they raise questions about privacy issues, product disposability, and machine learning.

Shenzhen SEG Plaza

Restart Podcast Ep. 20: Maker culture in Shenzhen and sustainable design

Today we talk to David Li, founder of Open Innovation Lab, about maker culture in the city of Shenzhen: home to more than 4000 design firms.

Raspberry Pi 3

Restart Radio: The small but powerful Raspberry Pi

On the 14th of March, International ‘Pi Day’, Ugo is joined by Restart volunteer Ben Skidmore and Eben Upton, creator of the Raspberry Pi: a tiny and affordable computer that can be used to teach programming to children and adults, and gives new life to old hardware.