We brought the repair movement to Parliament

On May 7th we walked through the gates of Parliament to demonstrate to MPs they can make repair and reuse easier and more affordable for everyone in the UK.

The UK Houses of Parliament

We’re bringing repair & reuse to Parliament

We’re going to Parliament to show MPs how repair can cut costs, waste & emissions. Ask your MP to attend and learn more about repair!

Our Restart Party in Parliament

We fixed electronics together with MPs, hosted by Helen Hayes MP. As ever, fixing is a way into important conversations about why so much breaks and why we discard so much.

Invite your MP to repair with us!

We would love our friends and supporters to invite their MPs to fix with us at a November Restart Party in Parliament. The time is ripe for government to feel what needs to change!

Reframing “digital inclusion”

We would like to suggest much more reflection and critical engagement within our digital inclusion peers about an unquestioning, passive “consumption” model, not only of the hardware itself, but of software and the infrastructure that fuels the internet.