Kano computer, exploded photo

Restart Radio: Flatpack electronics plus battery and CPU failures

In our first radio show of 2018, we cover a range of topics: from flatpack electronics, to the recent Apple battery scandal, to the vulnerabilities opened up by the discovery of Spectre and Meltdown.

Restart Podcast Ep 8: Tools, new and old

In this episode, we talk tools – how do we actually get into electrical appliances or miniaturised electronic gadgets, many of which are designed to keep us out? We interview Kyle Wiens, founder of iFixit.

Triumphing together against planned obsolescence

I am not a technical person. It may seem strange, being one of the founders of this project, but perhaps that is always what makes me good for this. The technical stuff not only frustrates me – it also really intimidates me, just like most people. When I first saw The Lightbulb Conspiracy, a documentary […]