Restart Radio Takeover: “It’s MY device!”

In this month’s Radio “takeover”, Restart volunteers proclaim “It’s MY Device!”: we talk about our rights to repair and mantain our gadgets, and about exciting fixing stories at recent repair events in London.

Restart Radio: selling and buying secondhand electronics

Sometimes the best option, to keep a gadget in use for longer, is to find it a new owner. Or instead of buying new, to buy somebody else’s gadget. Yet you won’t hear much about this in our upgrade culture.

Restart Podcast Ep 2: Interview with a product designer

Our second podcast episode features some frustrating gadgets including an inkjet printer given as a wedding present. Product designer Barry Waddilove explains why these gadgets frustrate and how new thinking could transform our relationship with electronics.

Redesigning the inkjet printer – work in progress

This week we participated in the first of three workshops organised by the People’s Design Lab. It was an opportunity to learn from others with a background in design about their frustrations with printing. Interestingly, initial conversations revolved around a deeper question: why should we print at all? Why is it that certain airlines and […]

Let’s rethink and Restart the inkjet printer

On many occasions, the meticulous work of our wonderful Restarters has helped to clean, repair, defeat planned obsolescence and give a second life to printers that were just about ready to be taken to a recycling centre.