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Fundraise while restarting during the holidays!

Do you end up doing loads of fixing for loved ones during the holidays? Turn these moments into something great for everybody, by asking friends and family for a donation. Your ask and their donation reinforces that repair and maintenance have real value for society.


Restart Radio: 3D printing, from prosthetics to blender spare parts

Our friend Paul Sohi shared exciting projects he works on with Autodesk, including a prosthetic for a paralympian and preservation for museums. For us, 3D printing also opens up new possibilities in the manufacture and distribution of spare parts.


Restart Radio: Eco-labelling of laptops

We interviewed environmental journalist Maxine Perella about positive changes announced by the European Commission to “eco-labelling” of laptops and portable computers. The changes start to take into account laptop’s full lifecycle, and if adopted, will help in upgrades and repairs.

red phone box

Restart Radio: A phone box turns repair shop

Alex Perjescu is co-founder of Lovefone, a London-based mobile phone repair company. We talk to him about their latest project: a repair shop in an iconic London red phone box in Greenwich