Starting restart in schools

This month, we will begin a ten-session enrichment programme with students at the Archer Academy, a school in North London. We will start with a dive into why we need to change our relationship with electronic and get hands-on.

right to fix

Restart Radio: Right to Repair in the United States

In this week’s episode, Ugo and Janet interview Nathan Proctor, Director of US PIRG’s Right to Repair campaign. We talk about this movement and generally about our right to fix our devices.

Restart party as research site

Restart Radio: Community repair events as sites of social research

In this week’s episode, Isabel and Ugo interview Lara Houston, a visiting researcher at Goldsmiths University. We talk about academic research on repair, and we also play some recordings from Kaja Ahnfelt, who has conducted research at Restart Parties.

Monique teaching women how to build their own PC

Restarter profile: Meet Monique

Monique is a software developer who loves simple fixes and a decent pair of shoes. She fondly remembers her math teacher who abandoned the curriculum to teach her Fortran.

product taken apart, camera

Restart Radio: Right to repair and product standards beyond Brexit

In this week’s episode, Ugo interviews Susanne Baker, Head of Environment & Compliance at techUK. We discuss their position on the public’s growing interest in our right to repair and the future of product standards beyond Brexit.