Restart Radio: Eco-labelling of laptops

We interviewed environmental journalist Maxine Perella about positive changes announced by the European Commission to “eco-labelling” of laptops and portable computers. The changes start to take into account laptop’s full lifecycle, and if adopted, will help in upgrades and repairs.

Restart Radio: top 5 good news stories of 2015

Our Top 5 Good News Stories for the year, about design, economics, business, policy, and… the children, our future! From New York to Brussels to Ghana and even Russia. Anywhere there’s a yay! (And sometimes a yay-boo).

Restart Radio: new mobiles we can open, repair

We talked about some shiny shiny gadgets – two very game-changing projects in the area of modular, repairable design. The Fairphone 2 and Runcible, an example of “heirloom electronics”.

Let’s give repair a chance!

Post¬†originally published on the blog of Resource Conference, a free event on the circular economy. In conversations on the circular economy, especially related to electronics, we often feel that repair is little more than an afterthought. Yet, extending the lifespan of an existing device provides tangible benefits: it reduces waste management costs as well as […]