Professor Ross Anderson, Software expert

Restart Podcast Ep 31: Software obsolescence with Ross Anderson

We interview Professor Ross Anderson, an expert on Security Engineering at Cambridge University. We discuss the problem of software obsolescence – how devices can stop working due to software, not just their physical components.

Man repairing an electronic tablet

Restart Radio: Lovefone’s vision for thriving commercial repair

Today, we talk to Rob Kerr from Lovefone – an independent mobile repair store – about the relationship between manufacturers and repairers.

Fixed Apple MacBook screen

Restart @school session 8: Creative problem solving and good design

We introduced creative problem solving, showing examples of physical and software-based work-arounds, like using assistive touch when a home button breaks. Then we brainstormed “bad” design from our experience fixing, and went through principles behind good design.

Restart Radio: Eco-labelling of laptops

We interviewed environmental journalist Maxine Perella about positive changes announced by the European Commission to “eco-labelling” of laptops and portable computers. The changes start to take into account laptop’s full lifecycle, and if adopted, will help in upgrades and repairs.

Restart Radio: top 5 good news stories of 2015

Our Top 5 Good News Stories for the year, about design, economics, business, policy, and… the children, our future! From New York to Brussels to Ghana and even Russia. Anywhere there’s a yay! (And sometimes a yay-boo).