We brought the repair movement to Parliament

On May 7th we walked through the gates of Parliament to demonstrate to MPs they can make repair and reuse easier and more affordable for everyone in the UK.

The Right to Repair revolution

TEDx talk: from community repair to a universal Right to Repair

Watch our recent TEDx Talk on the importance of repair communities in raising awareness and documenting repair barriers, and pushing for system change.

A woman speaking to a camera

How we can push for Right to Repair in the UK in 2024

As repair is gains ground around the world, the UK risks falling behind. But here’s how we can push for the Right to Repair in the UK too

The Restart Team

Our top ten moments from 2023

2023 was huge for The Restart Project and for repair in general. As the year draws to a close and with so much to celebrate, let’s look back at our top ten moments…

What’s next for Right to Repair?

Right to Repair was a big part of our work in 2022, and we expect plenty more coming up to push for more accessible and affordable repair for everyone