Fixometer project report: creating an online community space

With six Restart Party hosts, in London, Leicester and Turin, we’ve been improving our online community space, designed to help demonstrate the impact of our community electronics repair. Nearly there!

Why we care about measurement – introducing our Fixometer concept

People love to get their gadgets fixed. There is absolutely no doubt about it. But what we would like to more clearly demonstrate the environmental benefits to repairing.

Restart around the world

We had an amazing year in 2013. Our Restart Parties have inspired people to host their own, from Florida, to Italy to Tunisia and across the city here in London. With this proliferation of Restart Parties, we have learned quickly what kinds of support people need to throw their own. We are working on a […]

Help us scale!

We need to help mobilise a global network of Restarters, and we need your help to achieve this. We have worked tirelessly alongside our dayjobs and degrees to give life to The Restart Project because we believe it is important and urgent and it simply has to happen. With your help, we can spread Restart […]