Two people repairing a laptop display

Sharing skills – the easy way!

Around 5 years ago when Restart consisted of just a few dozen Londoners, we decided to set up a shared space where we could pool our knowledge and experience. Now any member of our online community can contribute!

Mobile on the blink: let’s treat our phones like we treat our bikes

I woke up today and the HTC Desire I have been using since December – in its fourth year of service – flickered and then the screen went black. I’m time poor. What do I do?

Guest post: Notes on my first Restart Party

This guest post is by Barcelona-based researcher Blanca Callén, who spent a week with The Restart Project. Read more about her ethnographic research on informal processing of electronic waste.

Keeping tabs on tablets

We were delighted to help BBC Journalist LJ Rich fix her iPad last month, a saga which airs this weekend on BBC Click. Her story of over 8 hours of concentration, disappointment and suspense communicates how hard our sleek, beloved tablets are to repair.