Restart @school session 10: Future jobs plus a Restart Party

In our last session, we invited a guest speaker to talk about their tech job – and what they felt are some of the “ninja skills” of the future, given the trends of automation and climate change.

Restart Podcast Ep. 22: Greening the internet

Dave Pickering talks to Data Centre Specialist Sophia Flucker about the forgotten places that store and generate our data, and how we can build a greener internet

The Restart Project is turning Five!

This month we are turning 5. That’s how long an average computer is used before it’s replaced. For us, the five year mark is just the beginning. But we cannot carry on without you. You can donate or show your support in other ways.

Tad Vaas

Restart Radio: TFix and ‘better than new’ repairs

We talk to Tad Vaas from T-Fix, a repair centre in South London that mixes corporate and consumer repairs with a very interesting twist.

Friche installation at 3-Space

Restart Radio: The parallel worlds of the tinkerer and the grower

Today we talk to Lou and Ed from design studio Friche about what the world of electronics can learn from the world of urban food growing.