Tad Vaas

Restart Radio: TFix and ‘better than new’ repairs

We talk to Tad Vaas from T-Fix, a repair centre in South London that mixes corporate and consumer repairs with a very interesting twist.

Friche installation at 3-Space

Restart Radio: The parallel worlds of the tinkerer and the grower

Today we talk to Lou and Ed from design studio Friche about what the world of electronics can learn from the world of urban food growing.

Shenzhen SEG Plaza

Restart Podcast Ep. 20: Maker culture in Shenzhen and sustainable design

Today we talk to David Li, founder of Open Innovation Lab, about maker culture in the city of Shenzhen: home to more than 4000 design firms.

Repair in school, around the world

We are seeing hints that electronics repair is spreading and proliferating in both primary and secondary school, in Europe and North America.