sea turtle

Restart Radio: Wildlife conservation and the role of open, repairable technology

Ugo interviews Alasdair Davies, a conservation technologist who works on bringing affordable, customisable and repairable open hardware technology to people working on conservation projects.

phone, dark background, illuminated

Restart Radio Takeover: Why we replace our phones

In our monthly Radio “takeover”, we have Ben Skidmore, Panda and Steve Cook discussing our relationship with phones. What makes us replace them and how can they last for longer? We discuss repairability and software support looking at the latest smartphones.

bracelets made of keyboard keys

Restart Radio: Repairing in school and Apple’s “zero waste”

Janet and Ugo talk with Estefania Suquilanda, who is introducing repair into a girls’ school in New York. We then discuss Apple’s recent claims on being zero waste and the recent ‘Right to repair’ movement in California.

Photo of Elinor Ostrom

Restart Radio: Elinor Ostrom and the commons

Janet and Neil interview Derek Wall about his new book on Elinor Ostrom: “Rules for Radicals”. We discuss Ostrom’s view of the “commons” and how people can organise themselves to manage community resources.

Woman giving a presentation

Restart Podcast Ep. 28: Disruptive design and unlocking wonderment with Leyla Acaroglu

In our first monthly Restart Podcast of the year, Dave talks to Leyla Acaroglu: self-described designer, systems thinker and sustainability provocateur.