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Restart Radio: How long our stuff should last

Researcher Alex Gnanapragasam focuses on sustainable consumption and product lifetimes – we talked about what consumers say they want and what they do. We perceive things don’t last – so how can we help people keep things for longer?


Restart Party Host profile: Meet Marie

Marie is a Restart Party Host in Leicester who started throwing parties a year ago. She is a PhD researcher at Loughborough University and green activist who knew next to nothing about technology before getting started, and made the link with Leicester Hackspace.

Version 2

Corporate “utopias” vs. messy, human realities

While Apple’s recycling robot represents an important recognition of the need to “close the loop” it is also a mascot for an unreal future still based on mindless buying and discarding with little regard for people and planet


Restart Radio: Beyond petitions and boycotts – influencing companies

We talked with Hackney repair activist and ShareAction campaigner Fidi about how we can influence companies as shareholders or pension members. Our influence in the private sector is not just at the point of purchase.