Amazon Echo Dot

Restart Radio: Voice-controlled Assistants and “Smart Speakers”

Voice-controlled home assistants are being sold in the millions: but they raise questions about privacy issues, product disposability, and machine learning.

Electronics exhibition

Restart Radio: Exploring personal data at the Glass Room

Are we really willing participants in the Big Data economy?

Restart Podcast Ep 5: How repair economies can thrive (again)

We discuss the decline of commercial repair of electronics and appliances. Writer John Thackara says paints a picture of what local, (re)emergent economies of repair might look like.

Why Europe fails to recycle e-waste and some solutions

Despite the best efforts of legislators, regulators and law enforcement, in Europe, we continue to dispose of e-waste in the most inefficient and dangerous ways. Right here, in our own back garden. The solution is citizen-centred.

#Mozfest pt. 2: Working in the open

Mozilla Festival, beyond being fun, was most important for us because it really pushed us to think about the “how” – how do we build momentum towards our ambitious goal of changing relationships to electronics? If there is one thing we’ve learned working over ten years in global development, it’s “how matters”. Ugo and I […]