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How we can push for Right to Repair in the UK in 2024

As repair is gains ground around the world, the UK risks falling behind. But here’s how we can push for the Right to Repair in the UK too

The Restart Team

Our top ten moments from 2023

2023 was huge for The Restart Project and for repair in general. As the year draws to a close and with so much to celebrate, let’s look back at our top ten moments…

The UK’s new ‘right to repair’ is not a right to repair

The UK should take steps urgently to extend access to spare parts and repair information for all products to everyone and address the high cost of repairs.

Photo of a community TV repair, not covered by UK Right to Repair

Do we have a Right to Repair in the UK? Not yet

For the first time, design for repairability, long-term availability of spare parts and repair information will be written into UK law, creating a precedent. But we don’t think there’s that much to celebrate yet – here is why.

Poll: Britons want to repair electronics but there are major barriers

A poll by YouGov shows that more Britons would like to repair their smartphones instead of replacing them. For laptops, a stronger majority prefer repair. But there are major barriers.