How to repair and maintain a sewing machine

Learn how to fix most common problems with sewing machines and how to look after them with our video and repair wiki.

A visit to iFixit: dynamo of repair activism in the US

Over the holidays, between family visits, we got a chance to iFixit’s headquarters in central California. iFixit is a massive inspiration and ally.

Interest from international media

AFP produced this video piece on The Restart Project, including interviews with Ugo and Janet, and starring some of our favourite Restarters. Please let us know if you spot this on TV, we are not big TV watchers!

Interview with Ugo: communities of repair, ICT4D, re-skilling

Thanks Smart Monkey TV for taking some time with us and filming these interviews! In Part 1, Ugo introduces the Restart Project and our “restart parties” and in Part 2, Ugo talks about our inspiration: what we’ve seen in Kenya (and elsewhere).