Support our work

The Restart Project aims for a global shift towards a more sustainable and happier relationship with electronics.

In four years our community electronics repair events, called Restart Parties, have spread to nine countries and across the UK, with a real positive impact, and this is just the beginning. We are a registered charity. Your support will power innovative work we are developing beyond Restart Parties, to push for better products and reach new audiences.



With your help, we’ll focus our efforts on these key areas:

Schools and education

We are testing how to embed our ethos in schools, together with educators and students. We’re developing educational materials to share in schools and beyond, to inspire the next generation.

Community and makerspaces

In addition to spreading Restart Parties, we would like people making digital or electronic things to do so in more sustainable, open ways. We are growing our team to reach out to “makers” specifically.

Media and outreach

We are a media hub, with our weekly podcast and social media. We inspire students, designers, community groups in person. We’d like to undertake more creative campaigns, and partner with online media.