Cambridge Area Repair Cafes

Repair Cafes are distinct from Restart Parties, but there is considerable overlap, and much to be gained from sharing information.  They are co-ordinated from the Netherlands (, and are not in competition with Restart Parties (there’s more than enough to fix for us both!)

Repair Cafes tend to be less hi-tech than Restart Parties, though we will tackle computers, laptops, tablets and phones when requested.  Repairs are always free, and a cafe (which charges modest prices) is associated with the event, to cater for those who are waiting to be seen.

The Cambridge Repair Cafe Group co-ordinates Repair Cafes in the Cambridge area.  There is a link to the group at  Currently active at least once a quarter are:


New Repair Cafes are expected shortly in Haddenham and Linton, and we have done one-off events in Cambridge and Ely.

We are aiming to set the record for the largest Repair Cafe in the world in Cambridge on 11th November 2017.

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