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Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Cambridge Area Repair Cafes

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Repair Cafes are distinct from Restart Parties, but there is considerable overlap, and much to be gained from sharing information.  They are co-ordinated from the Netherlands (, and are not in competition with Restart Parties (there’s more than enough to fix for us both!)

Repair Cafes tend to be less hi-tech than Restart Parties, though we will tackle computers, laptops, tablets and phones when requested.  Repairs are always free, and a cafe (which charges modest prices) is associated with the event, to cater for those who are waiting to be seen.

The Cambridge Repair Cafe Group co-ordinates Repair Cafes in the Cambridge area.  There is a link to the group at  Currently active at least once a quarter are:


New Repair Cafes are expected shortly in Haddenham and Linton, and we have done one-off events in Cambridge and Ely.

We are aiming to set the record for the largest Repair Cafe in the world in Cambridge on 11th November 2017.

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Find out where our data comes from or download it from our FAQ. The development of the "Fixometer" tool was funded by the Innovation in Waste Prevention Fund, run by WRAP. Thank you to WRAP and our implementing partners the engine room (project management and development), Circular Ecology (mentoring on environmental data) and Leaven Lab (design). 

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